Picksha is an online store for collecting various file types. Picksha helps you to manage your files easily with friends and family.

We will inform you as soon as we will launch Picksha.


Freedom to access anywhere

The best of Picksha is that it works on all plattforms and any devices. Share your memories anytime where ever you are and go.

A free platform for everyone

Picksha is a free plattform for everyone. Every user can create up to 10 Albums and upload 50 files inside any album where you have permisson to add files.

No subscription payments

Upgrade your account to get unlimited space with a one time payment of $30 (lifetime) With a premium account you can upload as many albums and files as you want.

Not selling your files

We will not make money by selling your information to third parties and not showing you annoying ads.

We give you total control

Your files are in your hands and secure on our servers. You are in total control of your content and decide who is able to see your files.

No annoying ads

Picksha will not place annoying ads on the site. You will not need an adblocker to prevend this. Picksha gives you best experience to view your albums an files.

Pick and Share